Sharing My Brand One Story

At A Time!

Inspire to Empower

StoryBranding™ is how you market and position yourself by unveiling your brand one story at a time. A story that will Inspire to Empower others!

It’s a process that helps you communicate your strengths, values, and passions in a very clear, concise way.

Each of these stories is a piece of the puzzle giving one a complete picture of who you are. They are multi-faceted and constant, therefore, always evolving. If a story is static, it is not evolving, which means growth is not taking place.

Also, being static means the stories are not connected. Disconnected stories are presented in a scattered manner. A manner that makes no sense to others; however, when fit together in a very intent, methodical, and strategical way, they tell the whole story, or picture, of who you truly are.

This is your Personal Brand. What is your story?

Your Personal Brand Matters More Now Than Ever!

Personal reputations can be won and lost almost overnight. This type of catastrophe happens mainly because one has built what they thought was an authentic brand, but only to find out it wasn't. Instead, it was merely tactual efforts in their messaging and marketing efforts. 

An authentic brand is NOT built upon these efforts. An authentic brand is relative to the individual within and not without! Outside tactical efforts, if built on the inner foundation can survive the test of time. If not, a brand can be miscommunicated, misunderstood and misaligned. 

The Leading Edge Branding approach is what we are all about!

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For the past 25 years, Leading Edge Branding has helped thousands of professionals enhance their Visibility, Image, and Performance in the marketplace. So How Do You Create A Personal Brand?

We are committed to helping professionals take ownership in developing and maintaining one’s own personal brand in a way that is authentic and transparent to self, yet representative of an organization’s established brand.


One common thread we have experienced with our clients has been a desire for growth, which oftentimes calls for change.

Growth or change is not about judgment; it is about awareness.

We offer our clients alternatives in this dynamic change process. In this process, we are recycling, adapting new forms, shapes, and meanings.


The Personal Branding Center offers image and brand development programs and services in various platforms to all levels of business professionals.

The Leading Edge Branding Wheel provides a roadmap to build and maintain a personal brand.


Cory Colton

This is a wonderful evolution for Parker Geiger and his transformational work with the power of Personal Branding. Parker helped me personally to move my career from middle management to executive by helping me understand the core and power of my own brand.

He also helped our leaders at AutoTrader become powerful. Work with Leading Edge Branding is crucial to moving leaders forward!

Cory Colten - Executive Coach Lead

We are adding new ones. Please check back or ask directly by our contact form:  Click Here!

We are adding new ones. Please check back or ask directly by our contact form:  Click Here!