Knowledge Is Power

When one applies that knowledge through deliberate action, only then can he or she be truly empowered!


Our blogs were created for personal empowerment, but they can also be used to empower a team. For your regular meetings, simply select a topic of need or interest, then ask your team to read the blog. At your next meeting open the topic up for discussion.

Use this opportunity to first, evaluate where your team is in terms of the subject matter, and two, individually use that topic to create coaching opportunities for each team member as well as the group as a whole.

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Personal Branding Wheel


The scope of Personal Branding is huge!

Your employee’s reputation is his or her Personal Brand! Everything they do, everything they say, everything they represent, everything they associate themselves with, everything they wear, and everything they produce, creates an emotional connection with others.

In these blogs, we will cover the Personal Branding Disciplines from the Personal Branding Wheel. It is our goal to help you create a plan of action in building your brand.


The foundation of any personal brand is based on one’s professional image. Specifically, how you look from head to toe. 

This blog will help you understand all the complexity of such a subject matter in terms that are easy to understand and apply. The following Professional Image Disciplines and more will be discussed: 

  1. Elemental Wardrobe Color Palettes™ 
  2. Body Type 
  3. Face Shapes 
  4. Clothing Style Profile™ 
  5. Psychology of Clothing™ 
  6. Science + Art = Style 
Conflict Resolution


The biggest problem in corporate America is communications or lack thereof. Our communication blogs cover a wide variety of daily business interactions where effective communication is key to raise-the-bar when it comes to one's Personal Brand! 

The foundation of any communication is first is to “Know Thy Self” and second, learn how to “Modify Thy Self”. These blogs discuss the following Personal Branding Disciplines: 

  1. Behaviors 
  2. Values 
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Verbal Communications 
  5. Written Communications 
  6. Non-Verbal Communications   


There are three primary business opportunities where one will network with others. Each of these interaction's foundation is based on his or her Business Etiquette & Protocol Skills

Each of these opportunities is like playing a game of chess. there are rules and there are players in the "game" to follow. Professionals must know these and oftentimes, the unwritten rules of the game as well.

These blogs will review the nuances of each business opportunity:

  1. Networking Face-to-face 
  2. Networking Online 
  3. Daily Business Interactions 


Giving a formal presentation or conducting face-to-face meetings as well as online meetings, surprisingly, preparation is more important than one's delivery and content. If one lacks in preparation, then everything else will not be maximized to its fullest potential. 

This blog helps point out the nuances that make the difference for each situation and its similarities. 

Are your employees achieving his or her desired outcome? Read our blogs to see what might be blocking their success!

Our blogs covering the following: 

  1. Formal Presentations 
  2. Business Meetings:  face-to-face 
  3. Business Meetings:  online 


For a team to be effective there must be Synergy. Synergy is when the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. In other words, each task that a team member completes only has “real” value when it is combined with all the other tasks of each team member, successfully completing the project at hand.

Therefore, a team must have a cohesive message not just in their communications but with their brand attributes as well. This blog will highlight these areas where a team can be seen, valued, and heard within the organization.


When it comes to doing business over a meal or at an entertainment venue, not only is planning critical, but the execution is key. Many skill-sets play such a critical role in these types of situations.

This blog covers those areas that will help you have a successful business meal or via an entertainment venue; however, with that said, the main item overlooked in most of these situations is that it's not about eating or entertaining that drives the business outcome, it's the business at hand that will. Are your employees eating your budget dollars? Or are you getting a true return on your investment dollars?