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Unmask The Unlimited Potential Of Your Employees!

Delivery Platforms


SEMINARS range from two-hours to half-day sessions. The number can be from small to large groups.


WORKSHOPS are designed to personalize the interactive experience, with more one-on-one development. Participants utilize hands on multimedia in a full-day session, allowing 8 -15 participants per workshop.


COACHING programs are customized for one-on-one coaching with the participant. After working with your management team, we will propose the program content and time frame for the participant. Depending up on the complexity of the subject matter, the length of the coaching program will vary. Typically, from one-month to six-months in duration.


CONSULTING services in the image and brand arena can range from product launches to uniform development, to personal and corporate branding strategies and more!


eLearning meets the training needs of your entire organization with our high-quality, interactive solutions. Our programs offer flexibility, reduced training expenses, constantly up-to-date courses, and employee development tracking.


TRAIN-THE TRAINER programs were created to certify trainers within an organization to become proficient in teaching those Image and Brand Disciplines that are critical in helping your organization and its employees maintain a competitive edge in both, local and global markets.


the INvolution process!

Personal Branding Wheel

Your employee’s reputation is his or her Personal Brand! Everything they do, everything they say, everything they represent, everything they associate with, everything they wear, and everything they produce, creates an emotional connection with others.

It is other’s thoughts, feelings, and associations held within one’s mind that impacts their Personal Brand, their team brand as well as the brand of your organization!

But how can you help your employees develop a personal brand? Is it too late for seasoned employees? When is it right for the newbie in the organization? When is too early? Or, when is it too late?


connection or conflict?


The MOST COSTLY item for corporate America is not a building or the salaries of its empoloyees. It is; however, an employee's communication skills or lack thereof that is so costly!

Poor communication skills not only hinder one’s success potential, but employees with poor communication skills can contribute to a low-performance organization. Are your employee's communication skills an asset or becoming a distinct liability?

Imagine the amount of time, money, stress, and frustration that can be saved if only communication flowed with ease and understanding. To make this achievable Personal Branding Center utilizes the newest, most relevant tool on the market. It’s simple and can be taken within 30 seconds! What is it?


The HUB of business interactions!


Networking is at the hub of business interactions and in doing so there are fundamental etiquette, protocols, and communication skills that are critical to possess when engaging in these networking opportunities. They are:

  1. Daily Business Interactions
  2. Networking: face-to-face
  3. Networking: online

Some of these networking events are short-lived and some are ongoing. How one deals with these opportunities is like playing a game of chess. And to win the game of either of these networking opportunities, an employee must master each situation by being strategic and tactical during the process. Do your employees know how to do this, well?

Do your employees know the written rules of the game? Do they know the “unwritten” rules? Do they know who the players are? Are they making decisions based on emotions or a purpose?


Science + Art = Style

Professional Image

An employee’s Professional Image is about how they look and how it maximizes his or her success potential! At the Personal Branding Center, our philosophy for one’s Professional Image is

                    “Science + Art = Style™.”

It is about combining one’s personal coloring, personal clothing style, hoe one frames their face and body that creates a look that not only represents their position, but it also simultaneously represents the organization’s brand, exceed customer’s expectations, both internally and externally, all, without losing his or her own sense of personal identity.

Do your employees know how to do this well? Or is their professional image a distinct liability for the organization? And their career advancements.


alignment | team members & the organization!

Team Branding

Team Branding is about precision, harmony, and being cohesive; however, for a team to be effective there must be Synergy. Synergy is when the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. In other words, each task that a team member completes only has “real” value when it is combined with all the other tasks of each team member, successfully completing the project at hand.

So why are teams not aligned and failAQ to communicate a clear message within an organization? Are your teams inspired or bogged down with communication drudgery? Are your team members aligned with each other or disconnected? Is your team brand clearly understood within the organization? Do others “really” know what your team does and how they do it?


How to get your audiences' ATTENTION and keep it!

Presentation Skills

If public speaking has been determined as a person’s number one fear over death, then why would anyone want to learn how to do it? Because today’s employees must be multi-faceted to support fast-changing organizations and markets.

Do your employees know how to present in a way that is natural to them? Do they exude confidence or stand in horror? Are they equipped with those skills of how to prepare, package and deliver a clear message to others? Do they know how to get an audiences' attention and keep it? Or do they come out of the gate stumbling, unable to catch up?


Doing business outside the office with RESULTS!

Business Meal

It is estimated that more business deals are closed over a meal or at entertainment venues than in the boardroom. Mastering the nuances of having an effective business meeting while dining or entertaining is vital for your employees and the organization's bottom line!

This program features a comprehensive overview of how to simultaneously dine while conducting business with professionalism and finesse. Are your employees truly equipped to do both seamlessly?

Do they know how to prepare and deliver a business meeting business outside of the office? Do they reach their goals and objectives after each opportunity or are they eating your budget dollars? Or worse, are they burning them in the trash having nothing to show for their apathetic efforts?