Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Leading Edge Branding in helping professionals develop and maintain a Personal Brand is built on the following three concepts:

1) The VIP Success Potential Model™

2) 4-Levels of Awareness™

3) Involution Design Process™

Authentic in a way that one does not dictate something to be but allows the process to unfold in a way that is natural only to unto themselves. The outcome of one’s Personal Brand comes down to one thing, choices. Whether it is subconscious or conscious, choices are made, and these choices have results.

Are your employees as asset or a distinct liability to the team or the organization when it comes to his or her personal brand? Answer the questions below about each of your employees then ask yourself the following two questions.

1. How am I developing an employee to ensure their strengths are continuously being developed and utilized?

2. How am I ensuring that their challenges are being managed and developed in a way that is natural to them, not trying to change who they are?

1. How is their personal brand impacting the brand of the organization?

2. Is their personal brand being presented well to others?

3. Is there "value" in their personal brand where others want to know more?

4. Are they being passed by for promotions?

5. Is their visibility limited to internal/external clients due to their
interpersonal skills or professional image?

6. Do they struggle with team members or their leader?

The only way to capitalize on the contributions that your employees bring to the table is to help them develop and maintain a personal brand by utilizing the three concepts as a compass to keep their brand intact and on purpose.

The VIP Success Potential Model

VIP 2021 500.300

When first entering the workplace, it’s all about performance; however, as your career develops it is more about how you do the job. The assumption is that you can do the job, otherwise you would not be in the position. Thus far you have proved yourself, technically.

After working with thousands of professionals over the years, we have concluded that your VISIBILITY contributes to 60% of reaching your success potential. The keyword is, potential. It’s about going beyond the status quo.

Your IMAGE contributes to 30% of reaching your success potential and your PERFORMANCE only 10%. That is why we created the VIP Success Potential Model™. To help your clients develop and maintain a personal brand that has sustainability.

4 -Levels of Awareness

4 Levels of Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is key to cultivate change and promote self-motivation. At the Personal Branding Center, we apply the concept of Self-Awareness in two very distinct approaches. One, from the standpoint, is that to develop an authentic personal brand, one needs to be self-aware on many levels from a personal, perspective.

Two, from a skill-set perspective, being self-aware constitutes a space for change and modification. This conscious-awareness process allows for growth in various dimensions of their business interactions.

The Involution Design Process

Perception Identity

When evolving your brand from a conscious perspective, you create a space for an involution approach to building your personal brand. This means that you are aware of all your “activities and actions”, and that you must take responsibility for the outcome of every business opportunity.

It is this “conscious-choice” that creates your authentic, personal brand. Why? Because you make better choices. Being unconscious means you make choices that usually come from “fear” and not from not “being” (present). These choices are made by you being reactive. In other words, you react to something and do not even know you are doing so.

This involution process is “True Empowerment”.  Coming from this perspective, you also project a positive influence on others.