What Is A Personal Brand?

Every experience and interaction you have with others, from how you do something, to what you say and how you say it, to what you represent, to what you associate yourself with, to what you wear, and anything you produce, should create a positive, emotional connection with others.

Ultimately, a personal brand is about developing a coherent and compelling story about yourself that resonates with others and sets you apart from the competition. The key is to be authentic and consistent in both your offline and online personal branding efforts. 

Your Personal Brand Matters More Now Than Ever!

A powerful personal brand can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. It can also help you establish credibility, build trust with your audience, and create significant business opportunities for yourself. 

What Is The Secret?

Being in the driver’s seat where you consistently compel the narrative of your brand. A brand that exhibits the total sum of who you “truly” are at your very core. A brand that accurately represents your experiences, strengths, and values. A brand that reflects what you stand for and what you believe in. A brand that tells “Your Story.” A story where only you can “connect the dots”. We call this approach to personal branding, “Leading-By-Design.”

Your brand will evolve by

design or default.

It is all up to you.

Avoid This

Personal Branding Tripwire!

If you do not take control of your brand, then you will be putting your career in the hands of someone else. A process where you allow others to set your expectations, manipulate your career opportunities, stunt your career growth and cap your success potential, followed by mundane, tactical activities. We call this approach to personal branding, “by-default."

And, if you have not actively taken part in your own Personal Branding development, then you have done just that; however, it is NEVER too late to start taking control of your destiny!

Leading Edge Branding

The INvolution Process

“Leading-By-Design” means that you are the constant lead in the decision-making process of your brand, we call this the Involution Process. It is all about your desire, intuition, and direction so that you can control your story’s narrative, allowing others to do the same in your absence with ease!

This process is about clarity, and this clarity is what puts you on the Leading Edge of manifesting and continuously expanding the personal brand you desire. A Leading Edge where you are continuously creating new ideas and new opportunities. Where self-doubt, self-judgment, fear, feelings of not being good enough, worthy enough, or deserving enough, or being afraid of making the wrong decision, no longer drives your brand. This is Leading Edge Branding. This is true power!

Your Sphere of Influence

From this process, you will develop a "Sphere of Influence" that is fundamental to the success of your brand. You will increase your reach and visibility, helping you gain and maintain clients, increase business opportunities, or become more visible to potential employers.

Where Do I Start?

Building your brand is not a step-by-step process where it has a beginning and an ending. The key is to connect all the dots and keep them all connected by being consistent in your message. 

Regardless of where you are in your career, when it comes to developing and managing your Personal Brand, you can start "connecting the dots" right from where you are sitting or standing by making a conscious decision to take action now!

To make this possible, Leading Edge Branding created the Personal Branding Matrix™. We call it a matrix because all the elements of your personal brand are connected through a grid, and all of them form your personal brand. The six Personal Branding Matrix Components are:  Core, Organic, Essential, Tactical, Extended, Advanced.

Each of these components consists of Personal Branding Disciplines from which your brand is built. As we help you develop and maintain each of these disciplines, you will be able to "connect the dots" to complete an overall picture of who you are, while simultaneously positioning yourself as the solution expert within your industry.

The Core Personal Branding Disciplines of your brand help "define" who you are. This is not about self-awareness where you identify your strengths, challenges, behavioral styles, communication styles, personality traits and more. These are external influencing factors which are addressed throughout the other components of this matrix system. Defining "Who I am" goes much deeper than that.

The process of identifying who the “I” is in the statement “Who I Am,” is about changing the perception that you have created about yourself.

It is a process of first remembering who you are, by changing the way you see yourself, and removing all the identities you have accepted, as well as the ones you have put on yourself. It’s all about focusing on your mindset and emotions, learning to be comfortable with who you are.

It’s all about taking back ownership of who you are and breaking away from the fear-based matrix that we all have grown into overtime. It’s about anchoring yourself in knowing who you are.

This is the foundation for building and maintaining your personal brand. Because your foundation determines who you are as well as your personal brand.  

Your Organic Personal Branding Disciplines are how you express your “inner essence.” It is how others experience you. It is how you look, how you do what you do and why you do what you do! Knowing how to organically present yourself to the world is true authenticity.

The Essential Personal Branding Disciplines is all about how you communicate; non-verbally, verbally and written. It is critical that you ensure all three communication outlets are consistent with each other.  

Your Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, manage, and express your emotions and the emotions of others to modify the outcome of a situation. It is a crucial skill that plays a significant role in building and maintaining your personal brand.  

Your Tactical Personal Branding Disciplines consist of those elements that require time and energy in order to promote your brand. These disciplines help to showcase your skills and talents, both inside the working environment and outside the organization. Each discipline supports the other. It is critical to adapt to each discipline depending on your purpose.  

Your Extended Personal Branding Disciplines are crucial when you are having face-to-face interactions with others. These disciplines help set you apart from others as well as give you more visibility within an organization. The more visibility you have in the market, the more opportunities you have to show your business skills. Each new opportunity gives you a chance to build your brand. 

Your Advanced Personal Branding Disciplines are avenues where you can expand your brand. Whether it is to gain more visibility outside your organization or advance your knowledge, these disciplines should be addressed and maintained on an individual and consistent basis. 


For the past 25 years, Leading Edge Branding™ has helped thousands of professionals enhance their Visibility, Image, and Performancin the marketplace.

We do this by helping professionals take ownership of building a personal brand that is authentic so that they "truly" represent who they are, ensuring that everything they say, do and create is communicated in a consistent, concise and clear message.


One common thread we have experienced with our clients has been a desire for growth, which oftentimes calls for change.

Growth or change is not about judgment; it is about awareness.

We offer our clients alternatives in this dynamic change process. In this process, we are recycling, adapting new forms, shapes, and meanings.


Leading Edge Branding™ offers image and brand development programs and services in various platforms to all levels of business professionals to tell your story one dot at a time. The Personal Branding Matrix™ provides a roadmap to build and maintain a personal brand.


Cory Colton

This is a wonderful evolution for Parker Geiger and his transformational work with the power of Personal Branding. Parker helped me personally to move my career from middle management to executive by helping me understand the core and power of my own brand. He also helped our leaders at AutoTrader become powerful. Work with Leading Edge Branding is crucial to moving leaders forward!

Cory Colten 

Executive Coach Lead

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We are adding new ones. Please check back or ask directly by our contact form:  Click Here!