What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Most of you have heard about the firing of Twitter’s staff, but you might not have seen an actual email about how it was executed, at least to this one employee of five years.

Twitter Firing

There is so much about this email that is wrong and disturbing. I am not even going to give it that type of attention. What I do want to do, as you review the email, is for you to ask yourself if you are associated with an organization, such as Twitter, that does or would devalue you in such a manner.

If you feel this describes you and you dread going to work every day, AND you find yourself constantly complaining about the situation but rarely doing anything about it this week, try this instead.

Every morning you wake up, take notice of your first thoughts. If, within the first 10 seconds, you have negative thoughts about your boss, your organization, or your peers, then this is a good indication that you might need to move on. I am not talking about “situational” thoughts about a particular “thing” that is going on at work that needs attention and resolution.

Thoughts in Bed

No, I am speaking about the feeling of, “I can’t take this anymore,” which is nagging at you all day and all night, continually. If you are experiencing these feelings, then your “inner self” is telling you it’s time to take your brand elsewhere or to be relocated within the organization. Maybe it’s time to listen to yourself instead of others and outside influences that you have given into.

Remember this; you are where you are because of the choices you have made. This is not a judgment statement. There is NO right OR wrong. I am simply just making a statement about where you are at this very moment. Most of us, while reading this, might be “feeling” that there is so much momentum behind the situation that you feel you can’t stop the snowball that continues to get bigger and bigger, seeming to gain more momentum each day as it hurls down the mountain.

And while you may feel that you can’t stop it in its tracks because of its momentum, you can; however, begin to make different choices that will change its direction or eventually dissolve it altogether.

Thoughts Are Creative. What Are You Thinking?

But how, you might ask? You start by being aware of the situation. Bring it to your conscious mind instead of acting as if it doesn’t exist by ignoring what’s directly in front of you just because you don’t think you can stop it or change it. And consciously be aware if you are perpetuating the “situation” by telling your “story” to others. Doing so only gives the situation more power which, in turn, reduces yours.

The second thing is to start with “baby steps” (avoid getting overwhelmed) to get ahead of it, which begins with creating a “Dominant Intention” of what you want, NOT what you don’t want. And be consciously aware of the decisions you make from here on out. And if your choices do not align with your “Dominant Intention,” ponder before moving forward.

You have the freedom to make the choices you want. I mean, think about it. Why allow a person or an organization to devalue all your achievements, talents, hard work, and compassion by being dismissed as if you were less than human?  If this sounds like a bad relationship, that’s because it is.

This does not mean that other factors are not to be considered in your choices, but ultimately KNOW, you have the option to choose. As one of our coaches always said, “Ask for what you want, or take what you get with a smile.” In other words, if you don’t ask or choose differently, don’t complain. Although it might feel like it at first, It is not as complicated as it may seem. You are to enjoy your career, NOT merely exist, but thrive!

So, when and where do you begin your new journey? It’s ALL up to you. But remember, whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t take the “bad relationship” with you. Once you leave it behind, leave it behind. Never tell the “story” again. Why? Because this will only give it more momentum.

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