How We Do It!

The Leading Edge Professional Image™


PreWork™ is key in getting attendees engaged, peak their interest, and help gauge their knowledge on the topics being presented.

The PreWork™ is conducted online. Since each program is custom-tailored, the PreWork™ is as well.

Color IDentity

seasonal color analysis system

Leading With Color

Identifying your employees Seasonal Color Palette will teach them how to utilize color to help project confidence and credibility for any business situation.

This session accomplishes this by ensuring that everything that an employee wears, harmonizes with their skin, hair, and eye color. Each color palette will identify your employees’ best colors for clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup.

Four Seasons

Numerical Charting System™

Although a color may be in your Elemental Wardrobe Color Palette™, you may not be able to successfully wear it. To help determine your very best colors and make the best possible wardrobe investment, the Personal Branding Center created the Numerical Charting System™.

Color Point System™

Numerical Color Key™

Combination Color Formula™

Color Guide Code™

The Personal Branding Center has created a Color Code Guide™ where we have taken the guessing out for you. We have narrowed your color options to a few, making your selection simple and faster. No more guessing! You can now know what your options are. The Color Code Guide™ include color suggestions for your:





Wardrobe Evaluation Guide™

Wardrobe Evaluation is the key to Wardrobe Management. You risk wasting time and money if you do not begin here. We created the following steps to help you organize your current wardrobe. These are meant to be guidelines. Incorporate your own ideas and do what works best for you. We begin by analyzing and organizing your wardrobe.

Step 1:  Analyze

Step 2:  Organize

Wardrobe Strategy™

The next step after you organize your wardrobe is to create a wardrobe “Checklist”. This list will contain those items you need to replace and those items you need for your wardrobe. This will become your shopping guide. It allows you to plan and save accordingly. This process will reduce your shopping time by 50% and your mistakes by 100%.



Wardrobe Development Tools™

Wardrobe Portfolio & Checklist

Wardrobe Tips

Personal Clothing

Style Profile

One’s Personal Clothing Style Profile™ is based on the four basic clothing styles. Many people are the personification of one of these styles; however, many can be a combination.

1. Classic

2. Dramatic 

3. Romantic

4. Natural

One’s style is determined by his or her physical characteristics and personality traits.  The Personal Branding Center has developed a system to help identify a primary and a secondary style, that when combined creates a look of to its own.

This segment of the program will identify cuts, styles, and details to create a personal style. The attendees face shape will be determined so that recommendations for hair cut/style, eyewear and collar lines can be made.