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How To Get Your Audeniences' Attention And Keep It!

Surprisingly, when one gives a formal presentation or conducts face-to-face or online meetings, preparation is the most critical component. Not doing so will ensure that the outcome is a failure. Pure and simple. So even the not-so-form presentations should not be taken lightly.

At the Leading Edge Branding™, we do not adhere to the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Instead, we say, “Don’t forget the small stuff. Often, they are just as important or more!”

How are your employees' presentation skills? Are they putting their best face forward? Are they getting your desired outcome as a leader?

This program is all about helping the participants learn how to prepare, package and deliver the perfect presentation!


The main reason an employee blunders a presentation is because of his or her lack of preparation. The team at Leading Edge Branding™ draws a parallel between prepping for a presentation and the process of painting a room. The painting part is the easy part, if the preparation is done properly.

Improper taping, failing to move furniture or cover the floor, wrong paint, or lacking necessary tools and supplies can lead to a messy painting job. Needless to say, preparation is key.


When it comes to presentations, packaging has two aspects: the presentation components and employee attire.

Components range from the frame of the message to the collaterals used to support the message. The Personal Branding Center has created a system that will help your employees present like a PRO!

A very common mistake that employees make when presenting is that they do not dress the part. Think of a movie at the theater. Just before the movie, there is music. The music supports the theme of the movie. If a presentation is of great importance, and your employee shows up dressed as if they were going to play golf, there is a disconnect. Are your employees disconnected from the message?


How your employees deliver a message is CRITICAL to the desired outcome. Their delivery style must support the spoken word and support materials. At Leading Edge Branding™, we believe that we can’t actually help your employees work on their delivery skills until they own the material. whether they wrote it or not!

Once that is accomplished, how your employee enters the room or stage, to how and where they sit or stand, to how they work the room or stand in one place, are just a few of the areas that we work on when helping your employees overcome their fears and learn how to get an audiences’ attention and keep it!


PreWork™ is key in getting attendees engaged, peak their interest, and help gauge their knowledge on the topics being presented.

The PreWork™ is conducted online. Since each program is custom-tailored, the PreWork™ is as well.

Team Branding Tools

Leading Edge Branding utilizes the following three assessments for this program. Depending upon time, number of attendees and budget will determine which assessment area appropriate for the engagement. 

Each tool is essential in helping your employees understand WHY they do and say what they do, and HOW they do what you do. It is about how they think and make decisions. This will help your employee build on their strengths while modifying their approach when communicating with others.

These assessments will help build better teams, build strong relationships, and create trust and credibility with others.

Our presentation will cover the following Leading Edge Team Branding Primary Disciplines™. Experiential practices, and role-play integrated with our Networking Video Lab Series™, the participants will learn to effectively communicate, handle objections, and reduce conflict resolution.

Tool 1

TriMetrix® EQ

powered by TTI International

The TriMetrix® EQ assessment is the major component of the Personal Branding program. It is designed to help your employees understand how they perceive the world and how to thrive in it. This assessment measures the 3 following key components of one’s on-the-job performance.


Identifying an employee’s behavior style will help them gain a deeper understanding of their own behavioral style, as well as those of their colleagues and team members. This will help them improve communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills, as well as increase their self-awareness and empathy.


Identifying an employee’s Driving Forces helps them to better understand the underlying motivations or reasons they are inspired and helps guide their actions and decisions. Simply put, Driving Forces are a set of motivators that drive employees to take action and make decisions. It is “how” they do what they do. To help employees better understand what motivates them to do what they do, and what motivates others, will help them make better decisions and improve their performance.


Your employee’s Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It is a vital skill in the workplace as it helps them to build strong relationships with coworkers and customers by communicating effectively, adapt to change, work better in teams, and manage stress.

Tool 2


powered by Code Breaker Technologies

The B.A.N.K. code technology is easy to take, less than ninety seconds, easy to read, and easy to follow and implement. The system helps offer insights into how your employees think, communicate and make decisions.

B.A.N.K. is a scientifically validated personality-based sales/communications methodology, and is an acronym for the four fundamental personality types used to understand behavior and communication:





Tool 3

Perception IDentity

powered by Leading Edge Branding™

Perception IDentity 360™

It is important for employees to understand the importance of how they are perceived in business because it can directly impact their career success and opportunities for growth. Encouraging employees to be mindful of their reputation can help them to build strong relationships, establish credibility, and advance their careers.

Leading Edge Branding created the Perception Identity 360™ to help your employees better understand their brand, how it impacts their business opportunities within the organization, and by understanding all the components that go into building a personal brand. And two, it helps our personal branding coaches, along with management, design a program that is custom-tailored to fit the professional development needs of the employees.

Perception IDentity Assessment™

Before any words are spoken or handshakes take place, a perception of your employee has already been formed. In a split second, others assimilate this perception as being more authoritative or approachable. We call this one’s Perception ID™ and will help set the tone for how a relationship is going to evolve, affecting your employee’s success potential.

When others perceive one’s Perception ID™ regardless of whether or not it is true of who they are, because it is the onlooker’s perception, will determine how one typically chooses to interact with them. This identity greatly impacts one’s personal brand.

The Parker Factor™

When employees gain a better understanding of how to strategically position their Perception ID™ to an audience or for any business situation or presentation, only then can he or she capitalize on the business at hand, having a results-driven outcome of their agenda.

Utilizing the 4 Principles from The Parker Factor™, your employee will be prepared for any business opportunities that go beyond their daily interactions, such as presentations, leading meetings, or attending conferences, to mention a few.

Leading Brand Professional Image

The first thing others notice about a team member is their appearance. The colors they wear, the styles of clothing, their hair, eyewear, makeup, accessories and their grooming practices. This is critical in helping a team brand project a cohesive, well-put together group that others trust and value. This segment will focus on the following Personal Branding Disciplines™.

Color IDentity

seasonal color analysis system

Leading With Color

Identifying your team member's Seasonal Color Palette will teach them how to utilize color to help project confidence and credibility for any business situation.

This session accomplishes this by ensuring that everything that member wears, harmonizes with their skin, hair, and eye color. Each color palette will identify best best colors for clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup.

Four Seasons

Team Branding Colors

seasonal color analysis system

Our system will help the team select a Team Branding Color Scheme. This will be a team effort. These color will be used for media materials, team uniforms, marketing materials, team logos, and email branding as well.

Numerical Charting System™

Color Point System™

Numerical Color Key™

Combination Color Formula™

Color Guide Code™





Wardrobe Evaluation Guide™

Step 1:  Analyze

Step 2:  Organize

Wardrobe Strategy™



Wardrobe Development Tools™

Wardrobe Portfolio & Checklist

Wardrobe Tips

Personal Clothing

Style Profile

One’s Personal Clothing Style Profile™ is based on the four basic clothing styles. Many people are the personification of one of these styles; however, many can be a combination.

1. Classic

2. Dramatic 

3. Romantic

4. Natural

One’s style is determined by his or her physical characteristics and personality traits.  The Personal Branding Center has developed a system to help identify a primary and a secondary style, that when combined creates a look of to its own.

This segment of the program will identify cuts, styles, and details to create a personal style. The attendees face shape will be determined so that recommendations for hair cut/style, eyewear and collar lines can be made.


A team member's grooming practices include personal hygiene, hair and skin care, nail care, facial hair, and use of fragrance. A review of these details will demonstrate how giving attention to detail defines distinction.