How We Do It!

 Networking On The Leading Edge™


PreWork™ is key in getting attendees engaged, peak their interest, and help gauge their knowledge on the topics being presented.

The PreWork™ is conducted online. Since each program is custom-tailored, the PreWork™ is as well.

Laying The Groundwork!

The attendees will learn that networking is an everyday event, either offline, online or both. Some of these situations are short-lived, like passing others in the hall or ongoing, or a three-day conference. Like in a game of chess, they will learn to navigate each business networking opportunity by identifying the rules and players, allowing them to maneuver effectively and strategically.

"Succeeding in business is all about making connections. It's about personal contact. You need to be out there, talking to people, listening to what they say, and building relationships." - Richard Branson.

Our presentation will cover the following Leading Edge Networking Primary Disciplines™. Experiential practices, and role-play integrated with our Networking Video Lab Series™, the participants will learn to network like a PRO!

  1.  Body Language
  2. Conversation Management
  3. Business Etiquette And Protocols
  4. Introductions
  5. Follow Up Procedures Who And Why?

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