How We Do It!

 Communications On The Leading Edge™


PreWork™ is key in getting attendees engaged, peak their interest, and help gauge their knowledge on the topics being presented.

The PreWork™ is conducted online. Since each program is custom-tailored, the PreWork™ is as well.

Communication Branding Tools

Leading Edge Branding utilizes the following two assessments for this program. Depending upon time, number of attendees and budget will determine which assessment area appropriate for the engagement. 

Each tool is essential in helping your employees understand WHY they do and say what they do, and HOW they do what you do. It is about how they think and make decisions. This will help your employee build on their strengths while modifying their approach when communicating with others.

These assessments will help build better teams, build strong relationships, and create trust and credibility with others.

Our presentation will cover the following Leading Edge Communications Primary Disciplines™. Experiential practices, and role-play integrated with our Networking Video Lab Series™, the participants will learn to effectively communicate, handle objections, and reduce conflict resolution.

Tool 1

DISC/Behavioral Motivators

powered by TTI International or Innermetrix Inc.

The DISC assessment is the major component of the Personal Branding program. It is designed to help your employees understand how they perceive the world and how to thrive in it. This assessment measures the 2 following key components of one’s on-the-job performance.


Identifying an employee’s behavior style will help them gain a deeper understanding of their own behavioral style, as well as those of their colleagues and team members. This will help them improve communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills, as well as increase their self-awareness and empathy.


Identifying an employee’s Driving Forces helps them to better understand the underlying motivations or reasons they are inspired and helps guide their actions and decisions. Simply put, Driving Forces are a set of motivators that drive employees to take action and make decisions. It is “how” they do what they do. To help employees better understand what motivates them to do what they do, and what motivates others, will help them make better decisions and improve their performance.

Tool 2


powered by Code Breaker Technologies

The B.A.N.K. code technology is easy to take, less than ninety seconds, easy to read, and easy to follow and implement. The system helps offer insights into how your employees think, communicate and make decisions.

B.A.N.K., a scientifically validated personality-based sales/communications methodology, and is an acronym for the four fundamental personality types used to understand behavior and communication: