Seminars range from 2 to 4 hours in duration with the number of attendees ranging from small to large groups.

They are educational, where attendees will learn about the Leading Edge of Networking. It is led by our branding experts who share their knowledge on how networking relates to your organization and its clients. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and to participate in discussions via experiential exercises and other media applications.

Workshops range from 4 to 8 hours in duration with the number of participants not to exceed 18 participants.

They are highly interactive, with hands-on learning experiences and experimental exercises, where participants engage in group discussions, practical activities, and exercises to improve their networking skills. Our experts will provide guidance and feedback, and participants are encouraged to collaborate with each other to achieve the workshop's learning objectives.

Coaching sessions range from 1 to 12 months in duration.

Our coaching program provides a client-driven process that helps your employees achieve their goals through self-discovery. We help them set and focus on goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Our coaches will identify the resources and tools they need to become more effective and productive in their roles. Our coaching helps the employee to take ownership of their development, and act towards them, taking responsibility for their growth and development.

eLearning programs lead time averages 1 to 3 months.

Our eLearning Solution Programs™ can be web-based or app-driven to meet individual employees' specific needs and skill levels, allowing for a more personalized learning experience. eLearning Solution Programs™ are cost-effective, convenient, flexible, increase retention, and offer easy tracking and reporting. Creating a standardized format that aligns with the brand of your organization.

Consulting services range from 1 day to 12 months.

Consulting services range from 1 day to 12 months. Our personal branding experts will provide analysis, recommendations, and solutions on the subject being addressed. Our consulting team will be determined by the need of the organization and will provide advice, guidance, and solutions on the subject at hand.

Train-The-Trainers typically consist of a period of  3 days.

Our Train-The-Trainer programs provide a cost-effective, consistent training quality with a skill-improving-focused approach to increase the higher level of engagement for learning within the organization. Topics such as what type of training is required will determine the time and budget considerations.

These programs are designed to teach employees how to become effective trainers themselves so that they can in turn train other employees within the organization. They will be able to incorporate real-world examples and case studies, which can improve knowledge retention among trainees. As well as aiding in succession planning, identify and groom future leaders and subject-matter experts within your organization.