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This program is highly interactive. Participants will be asked to participate in PreWork Activities™. These activities will depend upon what Personal Branding Disciplines the Personal Branding Center will be engaged to complete the program.




Networking is at the hub of business interactions. Most employees overlook the critical impact that networking has on his or her personal brand as well as the organization's success. Today’s employees must be equipped with specific skills to develop and maintain business relationships. How they interact with others can influence perceptions of their skills, talents, performance, and career advancements. When networking, implementing effective interpersonal skills is key to business success.

Employees network in three very distinct ways:

1. Daily Business Interactions

2. Networking: face-to-face

3. Networking: online

Regardless of which of these business opportunities one participates in, there are fundamental etiquette, protocols, and communication skills that are critical to helping shape his or her personal brand? Some of these networking events are short-lived and some are ongoing.

When it comes to these networking opportunities, some events are short-lived and some are ongoing. How one deals with these opportunities is like playing a game of chess. He or she must master the situation by being strategic and tactical if they desire to win the game. So, let us look at the comparison between the game of chess and those business networking opportunities that employees may encounter.

It Is All About Relationships

The chess game has a gameboard with 64 squares and 16 pieces placed on each side of the board. Ranked in power they are:

1 King | 1 Queen 2 Rooks | 2 Knights | 2 Bishops |  8 Pawns

Each piece has limitations in its movement abilities; however, the game's purpose is to “checkmate” the other’s King. Meaning there is not another “move” that the other’s King can make. Game over! This is accomplished by each player moving their pieces so that the opponents’ pieces can be captured and removed from the gameboard until “checkmate” occurs. To “checkmate” a King, one's movements require specific skills and thought processes to achieve the “checkmate” outcome.

In your employees' world, these pieces may represent a political leader, a CEO, a professional influencer, and so on. During their business encounters, one needs to visualize that they are dealing with a king, queen, rook, knight, bishop, and pawn.

It Is Also About Rules and Players

As in any gameboard, there are rules and players. The same is true for the business opportunities that your employees encounter daily or for very specific reasons. If the purpose in chess is to checkmate the opponents’ King, then the purpose when networking is reaching an attainable, desired outcome. Desired results, if you will!

It Is Also About Desired Outcomes

For example, when running into someone in the hall, how is that conversation going to develop? Or, when one reaches out to someone on LinkedIn, what is the reason? Or when attending a networking event, what is the purpose? Each of these situations should have a desired outcome. Once this is determined then being strategic and tactical is critical to reaching the desired outcome.

This program will help the attendees identify the rules of the game, the players of the game, and how to maneuver themselves to reach his or her desired outcome.

Program Agenda

You Can Take That To The B.A.N.K.



Being strategic and tactical is key to effective Networking, but how that is carried out is via conversation. To have effective communication one has to first understand his or her preferred style of communication and then learn to recognize it in others. This is critical so that one can modify his or her communication style so they are relevant and make the other person feel comfortable during the communication process.

In addition, knowing what triggers one to be involved and listen as well as those tripwires that turn someone off is key to great communications. To make this possible, the Personal Branding Center utilizes the B.A.N.K.® System for its communication preference tool. It is effective, easy to comprehend, easy to apply, and can be taken within 90-seconds. B.A.N.K.® stands for:


Business Etiquette & Protocols

Business Etiquette and Protocol

When it comes to networking, it is about executing those business etiquette and protocol skills that are set in place for conducting one’s self in business. Whether you attend a networking event, online, or in daily business interactions, these skills are more essential than ever. Each of these business opportunities may include the following etiquette and protocol disciplines; however, please know that we only list these so that one can understand how much goes into interacting with others and how it can and will greatly impact the outcome of any situation.  

Business Etiquette & Protocol Card

To master such skills with ease, one must first understand the difference between etiquette and protocol, as well as understanding the differences between business and social interactions. Etiquette is a code that defines expectations of one’s behavior within a particular group or society. A protocol is a rule that is set in stone and is not to be modified. Etiquette is what is expected of someone, the protocol is the when and how it is executed.

When it comes to etiquette and protocol there is a difference between social etiquette and protocol and business etiquette and protocol. Social is gender-based and business is based on precedence. It is important to distinguish between the two so that one does not appear unrefined or offensive.

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Our customized series of videos provides real-life scenarios for review and understanding. Some videos are accompanied by role-playing activities that reinforce the subject at hand. Play the video below and see if you can identify the mistakes during this networking face-to-face event.

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