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Your employee’s Professional Image plays a crucial role in how others perceive them, both in and out of the workplace. Do you have employees that are highly skilled at what they do, but you keep them hid behind closed doors simply because of their appearance? If so, then quit frankly, you are not only limiting his or her career opportunities and advancements, but you are impeding the growth of the company. It’s time to give them tools and let them shine!

Improving the Professional Image of an employee will not only improve their brand but can only enhance the reputation of the company as well. A win-win. Help your employees enhance their contribution to the organization by enhancing their Professional Image.

At Leading Edge Branding™, our philosophy for developing and maintaining a Professional Image is...

“Science + Art = Style™”

Combining the physical characteristics along with the personality of the individual, Leading Edge Branding's™ system helps your employees create a style that represents their position, the organization’s products and/or services, and meets the expectation of the client, all without losing their own sense of identity.

It is about how one combines their personal coloring with their personal clothing style. It is also about how they frame their face with their hair cut/style, eyewear, and collar lines, as well as selecting clothing that complements their body's silhouette. This cannot be accomplished by simply sending them to a fashion store. It’s much deeper than just covering the body to do work. It’s about letting the outer image reflect the business at hand.

Help your employee’s stand-out from the crowd by developing and maintaining a Professional Image that helps make a positive impression on colleagues and clients. An image that reflects their true talents and skills and the organization!