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Presenting On The Leading Edge

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Today’s employees are expected to be multi-faceted which means that at some point they may need to home in on their presentation skills. Whether presenting to clients about a new project, pitching a new idea to your team, or simply trying to get their colleagues to support a project, it is more important than ever to be able to get their audiences' attention and keep it!

When it comes to developing your employee’s presentation skills, it is not about becoming a “star” presenter. It is about learning how to present in a manner that is comfortable for them. And it all starts with understanding their audience and tailoring the message to their needs and interests. In addition, it is important to be comfortable with the material so that he or she can speak naturally and authentically. This is the only true way an employee’s delivery style and body language can support their message seamlessly.

To make all this possible and have your employees connect with their audience on a deeper level, they need to be able to use platform skills as needed to help them accomplish this.

1.  Structure presentations for maximum impact.

2.  Display techniques for engaging an audience and keeping their           attention.

3.  How to use visual aids and technology to enhance presentations.

4.  How to craft persuasive messages that resonate with the audience.

5.  Utilize body language to support the spoken word.

6.  Pass the baton to share presentations that keep the dots                    connected.

7.  How to shift the energy of the room with body language.

8.  Know how to enter and exit that stage that is consistent with the         dynamics of the room and the presentation.

9.  Know how to open a presentation that gets an audiences’                   attention in the first five seconds.

10. Know how to close the presentation that persuades an audience          to take some type of action.

11. Ensure “taking actions” are put into place to keep the message in        the forefront of their minds.  

Don't let the lack of presentation skills hold your employees back from achieving their professional goals, reflecting negatively on the organization. Instead, let experienced trainers and Leading Edge Branding's proven methodology teach them how to present like a PRO so they or your team can open, present, and close a presentation with confidence with astounding outcomes!